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Brook Crider

Born and raised in Ohio with a passion for DIY and technology. I am constantly enjoying new technologies and looking how to further my skills as a developer and as a tinkerer.


I've been in IT for almost 10 years and enjoyed every moment. I'm excited to see where the journey takes me next


Full Stack Development, DevOps, Agile, Consulting, Mentoring, UX/UI, Service Development, Business Analysis, Process Automation


Tech: Excel, Access, Epicor, SYSPRO, Powershell, Flutter, Golang, Python, SQL, C#/VB/VBA, SSRS, MS Office, Inkscape, Fusion 360 (CAD), Office Add-in Development, 

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Engineering & Design, Distribution, Foods & Beverage, Furniture, Hardware, Metal Fabrication, Oil & Gas, Tooling



North Central State College


Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems


Tensure Consulting                                                                         2022-Present

Senior Software Engineer


  • AWS Lambda to GCP Function conversions

  • Backend Microservice Development and Optimization for Multi Cloud Functionality

  • Agile Development


Trexon Global                                                                                       2020-2022

Programmer Analyst, Epicor ERP


  • Support role in daily Epicor operations including printing to bigger business process flows. Making sure the business understands how its chosen to operate, and how doing something differently can either improve/decrease their overall productivity

  • Work on Epicor related Jira projects prioritized by Applications Manager. Projects range from SSRS Reports, Dashboards, BPMs, Customizations, UBAQs, Custom Applications.

  • DMT role for basic needs including inventory corrections and Territory reassignments, etc.

  • I have been a major driver in proper project documentation, Q&A site improvement, and better onboarding.

  • Process automation with Powershell. Environment refreshes, AD account expiration email notifications, etc.


Do More                                                                                            2018-Present

Freelance Software Engineer


  • Epicor development subcontractor and mentor. SSRS Reports, Dashboards, BPMs, Customizations, UBAQs, Custom Applications.

  • Graphic Design work with Inkscape, Gimp, Scribus. Designing Logos, Advertisements, and other pieces of media.

  • Cross platform development with Flutter

PracticalTek                                                                                           2014-2020

Programmer Analyst


  • Worked through the ranks from developer to programmer analyst. The first 4 years were heavily focused on reporting. Crystal & SSRS throughout multiple versions. Vista 6, Vantage 8, Epicor 9 & 10. Crystal to SSRS conversions and completely new reports

  • Last 2 years included beginner to intermediate experience in Customizations & BPMs. Complete screen overhauls to slight modifications.

  • Worked on 20+ successful ERP implementations. Epicor, Syspro, MS Access, etc.

  • Created and maintained multiple pieces of software to better increase internal productivity and efficiency. Internal Ticketing System based on Access, Customer facing Ticket Portal, Excel timesheet for billing & payroll tracking, Excel Addin for timesheet exports.

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